IMAP4/POP3 client can be accessed by any mail client (such as Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora...) which supports one of the following protocols:

  • IMAP4
  • POP3

IMAP4 protocol

With the IMAP4 protocol, the mail client gets access to the messages stored on the server, in the inbox and all mail folders. Deleting or moving a message with the mail client makes the change directly on the server. Messages are never duplicated and the mail client does not keep a local copy.

Mails sent by the mail client are stored in the mailbox on the server. The mailbox on the server remains the reference point containing messages.

The IMAP4 protocol is fully suitable to use the mail system from several devices (computers or telephones).

POP3 protocol

With the POP3 protocol, the mail client downloads all the mails which have been received in the inbox and keeps a local copy. Depending on its configuration, the messaging software can either delete or keep mail on the server.

Mails sent by the mail client are stored locally on the terminal.

The mail client does not synchronize mail folders others than the inbox.

The POP3 protocol is not suitable to access the mail system from several devices (computers or telephones).

Configuration of a account

The <?php print((($_t=ea_txtdyn($GLOBALS['s_ea'],10,'^synchronization'))?$o_txtdyn[array_key_first($o_txtdyn=(isset($o_txtdyn)?array_merge($_t,$o_txtdyn):$_t))]:''))?> page which can be reached from the Options menu specifies all the parameters to use in a mail client to configure an IMAP4 or POP3 account.