Synchronization allows software and apps installed on a computer, phone or tablet to access the data of your account: mail, virtual disk, karned chomlec'hioù, deiziataer.

No single universal protocol allows the synchronization of all data types. Numerous protocols coexist and each terminal supports one or more of them. supports the main synchronization protocols, which allows you to access your data from most existing software and apps.

For more safety, you can disable the protocols that you do not use, which will block any access attempt. You can also use application passwords instead of the password of your account, in order to control the usage of these protocols.

Protocol Mail Karned chomlec'hioù Deiziataer Virtual disk
IMAP4 Ya      
POP3 Ya      
FTP       Ya
WebDAV       Ya
CardDAV   Ya    
CalDAV     Ya  
ActiveSync Ya Ya Ya  
RSS Ya      
ICS     Ya