You can change the password of your account by choosing Surentez in the Dibarzhioù menu.

Rankout a ra ho ker-tremen bezañ dibabet gant aket evit gwarantiñ surentez ho kont It is in particular recommended to avoid:

  • too short passwords
  • obvious sequences of numbers or letters, such as 1212 or abab
  • dates which could easily be known or found, such as your date of birth
  • passwords which you use on other websites, which could be compromised

Erbediñ a ra ober gant ur ger-tremen ennañ 8 arouezenn da nebeutañ, o kenstrollañ sifroù, lizherennoù bras ha bihan hag arouezennoù arbennik. Mirit al lizherennoù bras ha bihan en ho ker-tremen.

Only you should know your password and you should of course never give it to anyone. In particular, never reply to spam messages asking you for your password, whatever reason is mentioned.

It is recommended that you change your password regularly, and especially as soon as you suspect that it might have been compromised.