Who are we?


postel.bzh is the Breton mail, without advertising, which respects your privacy. It is a service of the www.bzh association, operated by Mailo.

The www.bzh association

The www.bzh association is the registry managing the .bzh Internet extension. By delegation of the ICANN, the organization regulating Internet globally, it manages and promotes this digital territory dedicated to Brittany, its culture and its languages.

Who is Mailo?

A result of 20 years of experience of the Mail Object company, Mailo is a 100% European mail service, which guarantees the users to regain control of their data and accompanies them in an ethical and responsible use of the Web.

By offering a full range of services, features and customization options, Mailo meets all types of needs: individual, familial, associative or professional. Besides e-mail, Mailo users get a calendar, storage space and sharing tools.

Mailo offers a responsive and personalized customer support. Exchanges with the users are at the core of the process of continuous improvement of the platform.