Change your e-mail address helps you change your e-mail address easily, without risk and without losing any data.

1 – Keep your personal data

  • takes care of the automatic transfer of all the e-mails and folders in your previous e-mail account, and places them into your account.
  • also allows you to keep your address book and your calendar. Depending on your previous mail service, can transfer them automatically or provides you with detailed instruction to help you transfer them.

2 – Still receive e-mails sent to your previous address

  • So that you do not lose any message, makes sure that you receive in your mailbox all the e-mails which, in the future, will still be received by your previous e-mail address.
  • With, you will receive in the same mailbox the e-mails sent to either your previous address or the new one.

3 – Let your correspondents know about your change of e-mail address

  • As soon as your account has been created, you can use the available tool to diffuse your new e-mail address to all the contacts in your address book.

In order to use the tool to change your e-mail address, you must have a account.

If you already have a account:

Log in, then choose "Transfer of external accounts" in the Options menu

If you do not have a account:

Create one to transfer the data from your mail account.